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Currently owed art from:

  • :iconjoel-grizzlebeard: - 2 (Previous order) Status: Artist Awaiting order specs from me.PAID FOR
  • :iconstratuswind: - 2 (Previous Order) Status: Artist has broken contact since 7-21-13. Will Keep trying. \ Re-established contact, then contact broke again. Continues to post, sent a note a page post and skypes. Unable to raise. Written off all commissions. Lost a total of $60. Maintained as a reminder to me. | 02-18-13 Artist Re-re-established contact. PAID FOR
  • :iconzeiram0034: - 3 (Previous Order) Status: Artist MIAPAID FOR
  • :iconmichylament: - 2 Status: In the works, Artist back logged. PAID FOR
  • :iconlazarus-firenze: - 1 Status: COMPLETED PAID FOR
  • :iconmm38: - 1 (MATURE) Status:COMPLETED PAID FOR
  • :iconblood-of-severity: - 1 Status : COMPLETED PAID FOR

Wish List

Wish List(Can't get in to save my LIFE!)
  • :iconcatbeecache: - Did an excellent gray scale of my main hero for Soniic Universe. Wish she'd come back, loved her style.
  • :iconchaoscroc: - Enjoy his simple yet elegant style. Wish to have a comic done one day. Think his subject matter vs my more tame themes throws him off.
  • :icondigi-ink-by-marquis: - Absolutely love his updated styles on the Sonic Toons. Reminds me alot of what I tried to do when I was attempting to draw. Hope he opens commissions soon. Gone a bit silent.
  • :iconjeteffects: - Excellent humanoid / regular artist. Need to get more done by them, time's expensive. Hopefully I can get my Female OC (non Sonic) fleshed out. Been working on her since I was 13
  • :iconbbmbbf: - Unlikely I'll ever get in his good graces. If I hit the lottery he might be in my price range.


woot ya
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What Did You Wan't Masterheadman :laugh:
Thu Aug 8, 2013, 2:23 PM
Woot I have a shoutbox! :D
Wed Sep 12, 2012, 9:26 PM


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Anyone good with programming on wikis. I need a template for my characters I'm making on a private eventually public wiki. HTML I knew back in the day but Wiki is making me...ill :P

ANY help. I'll credit you, ect :) Pass the word along?
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Impervia (Applejack) Profile by Darthmind
Impervia (Applejack) Profile

Name: Impervia

Real Name: Applejack

Identity: Secret

Powers: High Resistance to all known methods of attack (Bullets, blades, explosions, elemental and tech generated damage), ability to defy working physics (ie: Concussion waves have little to no effect at knocking her down), Abnormal(Though not “super”) strength, and flight.

Bio: After the Canterlot Incident, Applejack, along with the rest of the survivors, were evacuated to Equestrian City, where they finished out their scholastic requirements.

The large family she'd had grown up with was reduced due to the explosion at Canterlot, with her surviving kin moving inland further past the city.

Despite their distaste for the city life, Applejack, her older brother, Big Mac, and younger sister, Applebloom settled into the metropolitan of Equestrian City with relatives (See Orange Family)

After a brief few years in post high school enrollment, she left soon after and began working for the Oranges at their rather successful string of drink shops (See Julius' Tasty Treats) where she soon increased their productivity substantially.

Earning her way up the corporate ladder, small as it was, gave Applejack quite a bit of free time, most of her duties were hands off.

It wasn't until a night out on the town that she discovered that, like many of the survivors of Canterlot, she had been blessed with a gift. Trying to break up a fight between two club patrons, Applejack's intentions got the better of her and she soon found herself at the receiving end of a sawed off shotgun. The blast took her by surprise and sent her flying backwards, only to have her stand up, much to the drunk patrons awe. The only damage to her was the outfit she was wearing.

Applejack was invulnerable.

After subduing the two and as the police arrived, Applejack kept her new powers secret thanks to the only witnesses being two scruffy babbling drunks. She quickly headed home and phoned her friends.

Over the next few weeks she became more brave and experimented with her powers with a trusted friend. The exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that she felt from that small intervention she'd performed became her drive.

Despite the opportunities that the city brought, the crime that was present was nothing she had been accustomed to during her upbringing. The new gifts she discovered became the perfect weapon against the hatred and growing corruption that was eating her new home alive.

Aided by her small network of friends she'd kept in touch with since Canterlot, Applejack donned a costume made of resistant material, a mask to keep those she loved from being a victim of retaliation, and a new name: Impervia


Brodogz did a wonderful job bringing Applejack to life as her Super Hero persona! I can't thank them enough for the first steps in building my alternate universe! :) As most of you could tell ALOT of her attire is inspired by one Ms. Marvel. This was my first attempt and needed to use some basis, the next ones have more diverging concepts, thanks in part to the artistic talent of the artist(s) I work with! :)

Art by :iconbrodogz:
Concept and Impervia (c) :icondarthmind:
Applejack (c) Hasbro

Anyone good with programming on wikis. I need a template for my characters I'm making on a private eventually public wiki. HTML I knew back in the day but Wiki is making me...ill :P

ANY help. I'll credit you, ect :) Pass the word along?
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Artist | Student | Other
United States
Ran The Vault of Sonic Fanfiction for a number of years. Started out on my own then went to Artail and then retired after that. Still a Sonic Fan, write my own stuff now.

Currently into Star Wars, Mass Effect and other SciFi thingies :)

Since I wrote my intro to The Clopping Dead found here… I need a place to submit it on dA but I'm having trouble finding a good place, who can help 

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